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A better class of cockroach

Cockroaches in a canDepending what news you read, pests are never out of the news. Now the BBC has written a magazine article on their website about cockroaches – painting them as less than the scourge that they are – to us anyway.

If you found us, you’re probably interested in getting rid of cockroaches, not praising them. In true pest control fashion, here’s a summary of the reasons, all taken from the Beeb’s article, on why you want to call us when you have cockroaches of any denomination or style:

The subterranean rhinoceros cockroach is the heaviest species and pretty big with it too – weighs 35g and measures 8cm in length. Don’t ask Aunt Maude to bring one bag from Oz where they live though.

Scientists are training them using human brain waves – we’d train them to get the hell out!

In the 19th century, cockroach tea was used against tetanus. I don’t know if it caught on but they’re not selling it in the supermarket!

There’s a cockroach farmer in China who has 22 million of the bugs! That’s some serious pest control needed!