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Commercial Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control in short is Essential. Many people are unaware that it is a legal requirement to keep their commercial business premises free from pests. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional pest controller is down to You. However few people have the training or experience necessary to achieve satisfactory results.

This means they won’t have access to the strong pesticides and rodenticides that a professional pest controller does.

Most businesses and especially those in the supply of food. can’t afford not to have Commercial pest control. Our operators carry a booklet containing newspaper cuttings of reports of Local companies that have been closed down. and/or fined by the local health authority. Fines of around £10,000 are not unusual.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial premises tend to be slightly more expensive than people’s homes. Due to the scale of the infestation. the size of the premises and the complexity of the problem make it harder to solve.

Dead efficient pest control can boast a 100% success rate and a wealth of experience in dealing with pest problems at all types of food outlets, storage facilities, Hotels and B&Bs.

We provide a fast, efficient pest management service for commercial clients.

Our commercial pest control services operate across Bedfordshire. Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire and we operate as far south as Watford and Harrow. So you can continue complying with food hygiene or health and safety requirements and avoid contamination food poisoning of customers or closure by the health authorities

Why Do I Need A Commercial Pest Control contract

We have multiple restaurants and takeaways on our books and most have signed up to annual contracts. The advantage of this is that prevention is better than cure. Catching a problem early can avoid all sorts of problems. least of all being shut down and /or fined, leading to a serious loss of earnings.

Contact us to develop a service programme that is unique to your business. We’ll build an option that’s right for your needs. based on factors such as location. industry, building layout, materials and budget. And as every inspection receives a risk assessment. you can be sure you’re complying with the relevant laws and regulations

When a business signs up to an annual contract they will be provided with a folder containing our qualifications. our public liability insurance. a copy of their agreement and a list of the dates we will visit. In the folder they can place their inspection reports which can be shown to health inspectors at any time to show a comprehensive programme of pest control.

Inspection reports are very important to health inspectors. they show a high degree of care and diligence on behalf of the business owner. providing them with exactly the information they need. If an inspector calls and are not provided with inspection reports. they will likely assume they are dealing with amateurs.

Having a contract means we can be called out to any problem immediately, it also means you have protection all year round.

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