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As the owner of take-aways you will know that just because you deliver food to people’s homes and they are not consuming the food on your premises it does not diminish the responsibility you have for hygiene standards and pest control.

Why it’s important

Your business depends not just on the standard of your food but also the standard of the place where it is cooked.

There is nothing in this world that can affect your business more seriously than a pest problem. . . . After all, would you eat from a place that could have mouse droppings or a cockroach in the food they deliver?

Even the mere rumour of an infestation will drive your customers into the welcoming arms of your competitors. It will affect your profits dramatically and may lead to staff having to lose their jobs while your competitors gobble up the trade that was once yours.

Cause a food poisoning outbreak or spread a disease and the consequences are far more serious. Its a legal requirement to provide a food business with pest control

The risk of not having pest control

The worst possible things that could happen as well as the public loses confidence in the food you supply and your customer numbers drop rapidly, you could be given a large fine (fines of over £10,000 are not unusual – click on horror stories) your premises closed until the health inspectors are satisfied the problems have been addressed and in extreme cases (such as food poisoning) criminal charges and imprisonment.

Prevention is better than cure

Many take-aways when they first take up an annual contract with us don’t have an existing pest problem. The fact is they don’t want one. As well as dealing with pests we also employ preventative measures to make sure you are not their next target.

It’s a sad fact that many take-aways owners are unaware that it is actually a legal requirement to keep their premises free from pests. The truth is you have a choice whether to do it yourself or hire a professional pest control company. However, health inspectors much prefer you hire a professional pest controller. We supply all the necessary paperwork health inspectors require along with our certificates, and insurance in a handy folder to keep in your shop. We also keep copies ourselves in case you lose them.

Why choose Dead Efficient?

Because no matter how much you think you know about killing pests we know more. We deal with the whole range of pests on a daily basis. We have to go on regular courses and pass exams to operate.

The general public cannot buy the pesticides we can because we have to be licenced to the supplier with recognised certification.

We’ve seen it all before – This is what we do, Take-aways – members of the public are familiar with mice, rats, cockroaches, bedbugs etc even if they don’t know how to deal with them properly. But what about other infestations such as biscuit beetles, firebrats, wooly bears (a type of carpet beetle) flour mites, indianmeal moths, bean weevils. or cluster flies? Our comprehensive annual business contracts cover all these.

How much is an annual contract?

Depending on the size and condition of the building here are the prices beginning from a small outlet, then the price increases as the size does.

Takeaways from £440 a year

Restaurants from £440 a year

That’s less than £1 a day! . . . And if you’re smart – the next time you change your menu or restructure your prices add another 20p to one of your dishes, sell 5 of them a day and you’ve covered the cost of your pest control.

We also have a deal for restaurants with an existing pest problem.

Normally with most pest control companies you would pay to get rid of the existing problem (commercial premises start at £150) and then sign up to a contract – so you pay to get rid of the pest and then you pay for the ongoing protection of the contract.

What we do:

If you call us for an existing infestation we will get rid of that for free as long as you sign up to a contract for a minimum of a year – after a year you can cancel it anytime you want. (normally our contracts can be cancelled anytime for any reason with no penalty whatsoever – even in the first year).

It’s a golden rule for food businesses – You can’t afford NOT to have pest control

Closure of your business and the loss of your livelihood is not worth gambling with.