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Amazing value every day – but the dead mouse is taking the Mickey

In August 2016, Poundland was fined over £33,000 after inspectors found rodent droppings and food containers soaked in urine at a branch in Luton.
Subsequent to allegations of mouse droppings and other rodent activity, Luton Council’s food safety team visited the store at Luton Retail Park and found poor standards of housekeeping and problems with rodents.

A dead mouse

A mouse for a pound?

Significant amounts of mouse droppings and urine were found in the shop as well as chewed packets of food and even a dead mouse. A box containing packaged food was also soaked in rodent’s urine.

Councillor Rachel Hopkins, portfolio holder for enforcement, said:
“Having a good, reputable pest control contract in place is only one part of effective pest control management; it is also important that staff and management are vigilant to signs of pests and report them immediately. Cleaning and maintaining high standards of housekeeping both inside and outside of premises is essential so pests are not attracted or encouraged to stay.”

The store did however take immediate steps to clean the premises after the visit – it removed the damaged stock and put in place additional pest control measures.
Nevertheless, the judge hearing the case failed to see why basic things had not been done such as fitting brushes to doors to stop rodents passing under. The unacceptable state of the store room making cleaning nearly impossible was also commented on.

They are a great value shop, but you wouldn’t want their mouse for a £. Read more about the story.