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A dead mouse

Amazing value every day – but the dead mouse is taking the Mickey

In August 2016, Poundland was fined over £33,000 after inspectors found rodent droppings and food containers soaked in urine at a branch in Luton. Subsequent to allegations of mouse droppings and other rodent activity, Luton Council’s food safety team visited the store at Luton Retail Park and found poor standards of housekeeping and problems with […]

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pot of gold £240K

When does 99p equal £240,000?

Some things don’t just don’t add up. Like how many 99ps in £240,000. Because if you knew the answer to that, you might be able to smell the rat that’s going to cost you a quarter of a million pounds (near enough). Ok, so the 99p is a 99p shop and the £240K is made […]

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