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pot of gold £240K

When does 99p equal £240,000?

Some things don’t just don’t add up. Like how many 99ps in £240,000. Because if you knew the answer to that, you might be able to smell the rat that’s going to cost you a quarter of a million pounds (near enough). Ok, so the 99p is a 99p shop and the £240K is made […]

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Building in a very poor state

Landlords must protect their tenants from pests

A council gave a landlord sufficient warning about an uncapped sewer that allowed rats to lodge at the property as well as dangerous wiring. After doing nothing, the council acted and fined the landlord £14,000. The council in question (Wolverhampton), as most councils do, wanted to ensure that the safety of residents is upheld and […]

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A rat relaxing in a cup of coffee

Rats in the kitchen could lead to your UB40

Although the unemployment benefit form UB40 has changed, if you allow a bad enough rat infestation in your kitchen, you may get fined a very large amount that may adversely affect your livelihood. Take a look at the news item about a hotel in Hampshire that was fined a wopping £20,000 after preparing food in […]

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